Return Policy

◆◆About cancellation◆◆

Because the shipment preparations for product are fixed after the receipt of money, approve the cancellation after the receipt of money beforehand because you cannot accept it.

◆◆About returned goods◆◆

I do not accept the returned goods by the circumstances of the visitor, exchange, the cancellation at all.

I make sure of the quality of the product, delivery, but cope by exchange when "a product is different" in ten thousand がいち and "is different in amount", and there are "defective articles by damage, the damage".
Because you change products with our burden together, there is at all the postage, the fee of the verge by the trouble after the arrival to the product within seven days, but refer, and, please contact me by an email.

※The return product without the communication does not do receiving.
※A proposal of exchange, the returned goods after 7th has the case that I cannot accept after the arrival to the product.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

◆◆Others, attention and request◆◆

It is granted to publication contents with extreme caution, but, please forgive it by any chance when an error occurs.
When an error of the pricing occurs, there is the case that cannot take an order even if after the settlement of order.
In that case, I guide a right price and confirm intention of the purchase again.