Terms of service

Miaou (The Company) has set terms of usage for “Nekobeya” which the company runs.

The terms are listed below;

Article 1 (definition)

In this agreement, I use the term described below in the next meaning each.

With "Nekobeya ," I stop by to the offer information publication of a product or the service, online

By the system with the offer function of a product or the service we based on this agreement

I say a site to run on the Internet.

"The user" means a person accessing [Nekobeye].

For the person that we use [Nekobeya] based on this agreement with "this service ,"

About the contents of the service that is good by service to offer, the kind, it is our original の

A change, the increase and decrease shall be carried out by a judgment at any time, and the notice is occasional,

[Nekobye] It is performed through the indication at the top or E-mail or other means of communication

I assume it a thing.

Article 2 (the range of the agreement and change)

One agreement shall apply to us and a user about the use of this service,

The user shall observe this agreement faithfully on using [Nekobeye].

2 we prescribe it by a notice on [Nekobeya] or other methods separately

An individual rule and the additional rule that we notify you of for a user at any time of this agreement

I constitute it.

When an individual rule and an additional rule are different from this agreement; an individual treatment rule and an addition rule

I shall take first priority.

3 our changing this agreement by our original judgment without the consent of the user

There is it. In this case the use condition of the service that [Nekobeya] provides after the change

It shall be based on Terms of Use. As for the change concerned, it is addressed to the address that I notified us of beforehand

Of others which E-mail, general notice on [Nekobeya] or other we recognize as appropriateness

I shall come into force from a point in time when I notified you by a method.

When it is disadvantageous to a user, and, with the change of 4 agreements, the damage occurs,

We shall not bear the responsibility at all.

Article 3 (the position of the user and restrictions)

Position of 1 user

[Nekobeya] The において user enjoys one of these offered services

I agree (I include reading of the information in the enjoyment to say here), this agreement at a point in time

Is considered that did it; at the same time the position as the user in [Nekobeya]

I shall obtain it.

Restrictions for 2 users

The user shall not have to go for the act to advocate below.

(1) An act to use [Nekobeya] by the method except the method that [Nekobeya] appointed.

(2) An act to pretend to be others, and to use this service.

(3) By the method that [Nekobeya] accepts the link of the data in conjunction with this service,

An act to appoint to other data.

(4) I access data saved to a computer using [SHOPNAME] illegally,

Or it is destruction or the act that I might destroy in this.

(5) An act to interfere with the administration of this service.

(6) It is a purpose by the business activity using this service and the use for the purpose of the profit and the preparations

The とした use. But it is not this limit when we approve it separately.

(7) Collecting the personal information of other users, and accumulating or these acts

What I am going to do.

(8) An act against public order and morals and an act against other domestic and foreign laws and ordinances.

Article 4 (interruption of this service, stop)

When 1 we correspond to either following reasons; by our original judgment,

I suspend a part of this service or all without notifying a user beforehand,

Or I may stop.

(1) The device for this service, the maintenance check of the system, update regularly or

When I urgently perform it.

(2) When, by the inevitability such as a fire, a blackout, the natural disaster, the offer of this service is difficult.

(3) When the duty of the person of telecommunications business of the first kind is not offered.

(4) In in others, use or a technique we the temporary halt to this service or a stop

If it is necessary, or, by an unexpected situation, the offer of this service is difficult us

When I judge it.

2 we by the outbreak such as the temporary halt to offer of this service, the stop a user or

About any disadvantage, damage that a third party took regardless of a reason all responsibility

I shall not carry it on my back.

Article 5 (about handling of the link)

[Nekobeya] But, I link to other sites from various services to offer and,

When a third party provides the rink to other sites; we are の other than [Nekobeya]

About the site, I bear no responsibility.

In this case it is contained in the site concerned, and the use is enabled again on the site concerned

I do not take responsibility about contents, an advertisement, a product, the service at all equally either.

We for those contents, advertisement, product, service origin or

I do not bear the responsibility to repair about all damage that I am related, and occurred.

Article 6 (copyright)

Without 1 user getting the consent of the rightful claimant; in any method through [SHOPNAME]

I am beyond a range of the private use of a user individual establishing any offered information in Copyright Act

I shall not be able to use it for a reproduction, sale, publication, other uses.

2 users work as a third party in any method without getting the consent of the rightful claimant and,

[SHOPNAME] I let you use any information that を goes, and is offered and let you show it

There shall not be the thing.

When a problem occurs in violation of an agreement of 3 Honjo; a user in responsibility and an expense of the self

I solve a problem to be concerned with, and or no nuisance shall damage us.

Article 7 (compensation responsibility)

It is provided the offer of one service, delay, a change, interruption, cancellation, a stop or the abolition

The user who occurred in conjunction with outflows such as the information or destruction by fire or these other services or

About the damage of the third party, we shall not take all responsibility.

But I establish it about the personal information that I registered through this service separately

に follows it about "the handling of the personal information".

When 2 users damage it for a third party by this service use; a user of the self

Of being settled with responsibility and an expense, and damaging us there shall not be it.

By the act that a user turned over in this agreement or an unjust or illegal act in us the damage

When they give it, we shall be able to demand suitable compensation for damages from the user concerned.

Article 8 (privacy policy)

Management of the information of the user who can know us in conjunction with the use of this service by the user and

About the handling, it shall depend on the privacy policy which we establish separately.

Article 9 (governing law)

A Japanese federal law shall be applied about the conclusion of this agreement, effect, observance of a contract and the interpretation.

Article 10 (the agreement jurisdiction)

The district court which has jurisdiction over our head office location when a dispute occurs about this agreement

I assume it an exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.