[Photo sale] Alice 2020

[Photo sale] Alice 2020

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Shooting date:  2020. Alice in the cat room226mm x 169mm (72dpi)

Please use it as a smartphone standby or photo book production material (individual only).

Materials cannot be sold, provided free of charge, or used for advertising.
Enjoy within your personal range
Twitter, Instagram, YouTube icons are fine.

When stating that you purchased on SNS, please purchase from [Miaou].
Please refrain from writing only photos without writing the source.

For example, use on Youtube channels (other than icons), websites, P2P file sharing services, sales of materials, etc.Free provision is prohibitedis.

Reproduction and sale of goods is not permitted.

For personal use, L-size is available if you are considering using it as a template, electronic postcard, screen saver, wallpaper, or other print media.
330mm x 250mm (300dpi) material will be sold for 800 yen.
If you need it, please contact us.

All profits will be used for animal protection, protection and welfare.

In case of transfer or other violation of the rules, a separate usage fee will be charged.Please note that.